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My interests are the history of cartography, early New Zealand and Pacific discoveries, the development of navigation, ancient Polynesian voyaging, Maori artefacts and New Zealand maps, paintings, drawings and prints produced previous to the 21st century. In broad terms my main interest is the history of New Zealand and the Pacific region previous to 1840 - the year New Zealand was founded.

The purpose of my site is to provide details of my research.

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Left  - New Zealand - Antonio Zatta (after James Cook), Venice, 1779. - For remarks on Zatta's maps refer to Chapter 2 in "Early New Zealand Printed Maps," - go to Section  A in Contents via the link above.

"Come, here's the map" - Henry IV, Act iii, sc 1.



A fifth generation New Zealander,* Brian Hooker has made a special study of cartography in relation to the discovery, early European exploration, and settlement of the Pacific region including New Zealand. His earlier researches have been published in New Zealand Geographer, The New Zealand Journal of History, The Turnbull Library Record, Archifacts, Auckland-Waikato Historical Journal, The Journal of Navigation (UK), The Geographical Journal (UK), The Marinerís Mirror (UK), The Map Collector (UK), Mercatorís World (USA), Terrae Incognitae (USA), Mappemonde (France).


*John Hooker (1805-77) and Jane Hooker (1802-88) and their five children  left Cornwall for New Zealand in 1841 on the barque Timandra  (432 tons).


Reviews of published work by Brian Hooker

Review for: Early New Zealand Printed Maps: "Those of us with a passion for the historic cartography of the bottom half of the world have been waiting for a definitive catalogue of early printed maps of New Zealand. None is more qualified to attempt such a project than Brian Hooker, whose contribution to the placement of the early New Zealand map on the table has been without peer." - Robert Clancy in Mercator's World, Sept./Oct. 2001.

Review for: Early New Zealand Printed Maps and Dictionary of New Zealand Map-Makers: "Brian Hooker's books are most welcome because they represent the first attempt at a coverage devoted solely to New Zealand, and they succeed admirably." - John Robson in Imago Mundi, 2004.

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