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Only articles researched, prepared and written by Brian Hooker are listed below. Titles marked with an asterisk have been published (see Section і in the Contents for a list of published items). However, I intend scanning further papers in order to upload them - hopefully very soon.  BH December 2006.


Section A - First group of voluminous files that have been split into parts for easier downloading


Finding NZ:

A list of the subject matter is  included in Part A immediately following:- Part A Preliminaries  and the bibliography relating to Finding New Zealand //  Part B contains Section 1 to 13  // Part C  contains Sections 14 to to Section 23 ( the end.)


Explorers charts & views (BHX ):

A list of the subject matter is in Part A immediately following: Part A  preliminaries & historical setting // Part B - Plates 1 to 19 // Part C  - Plates 20 to 37  Part D Plates 38 to 60 //  Part E Plates 61 to 74 plus references and bibliography.


Dictionary of early NZ Map-Makers:

list of contents is in part A immediately following:- Preliminaries & Part A  - A to F  //  Part B -  G to R  // Part C  S to Z and bibliography  for dictionary     //


Section B - Second  group of voluminous files that have been split into parts for easier downloading


Early NZ printed maps (BH1):


list of contents is in chapter1 immediately following: Chap. 1 preliminaries & NZ' s western littoral in maps // Chap. 2 Cook's charts // Chap. 3 Vancouver's charts // Chap. 4 British hydrographic charts // Chap 5 18th & 19th-century French charts Chap.  6  Maps in marine atlases & insets in Pacific charts  Chap. 7  Missionary maps &  diocese maps Chap 8 Maps by Wyld Chap. 9  Maps by Arrowsmith Chap. 10 Maps in BPP Chap.11 //  Maps by Smith Elder & Co. & maps in the NZ Journal  Chap. 12  Additional maps first pub. before 11840  Chap 1 Maps by Colonial lithographers  Chap. New maps pub. 



Journal of Abel Tasman,1642-43 


In parts;  list of contents in Part A immediately following:-   Part A Prelims & entries from 14 Aug. 1642  to 26 Oct.  // Part B entries from 27 Oct. to  to 15 Jan 1643.  (Includes disc. of NZ) Part C entries  from 16 Jan. 1643 to  ... Feb. 1643 // Part D journal from --- to ....   Part E  entries from 29 April to 14 June 1643


Section C - Polynesian and Maori subjects


Migrants without descendants // A Sharp reply to "The origin of the first NZers" // Tiki & greenstone data // *Portages of early Auckland // Waitemata:- the hub of an ancient communications network // *Polynesian Navigation / *Discovered by accident // Did the Maori ancestors deliberately navigate to NZ or did they arrive by accident? // Reinvented traditions - a brief note of criticism // Finding Polynesia (i.e. European)


Section D - Pacific  


*Identifying “Davis’s Land” in maps // *European discovery of the Cook Islands //  European discovery of the Tonga Islands // Early Pacific personalities and ships //  Magellan's Unfortunate Islands  // *Down with Bligh  hurrah for Tahiti // *In the name of the son: Jacob Le Maire


Section E - Discoveries in New Zealand waters


Tasman:  See Section A above // Explorers charts of NZ: see Section A above // Early printed maps of NZ - see Section A above // Early independent & foreign surveys in NZ waters // Tasman's  discoveries in Three Kings Islands  // *Thomas Anderson European discoverer of Waitemata Harbour //


Identifying Tasman’s discoveries in Three Kings Islands //  Was Kent responsible for an 1826 plan of Port Nicholson? // Finding Port Nicholson: A new look at European discovery & naming claims // *Waitemata Harbour unveiled 1840 // Cook's secret search in 1769 // An early French encounter with Northland // *NZ-coastal views by J R Kent  // First traverse of Rangitoto Channel by a European vessel // Identifying Cook's-discoveries-in-Hauraki-Gulf-1769


Section F - Australia


*Ptolémée-connaissait-il l'Australie? // (English version:) Did Claudius Ptolemy know about Australia? // *Hessel Gerritsz father of Australian mapping // *Finding Australia’s East Coast // A brief note on the Tasman-Bonaparte map.

 Section G - Navigation and charts in general


The development of navigation //  A Multiplicity of prime meridians // Detecting faulty longitudinal placement of coastlines in early hybrid maps -Tasmania as an example // Charting of the Strait of Magellan by Jan Ourgnersz in 1599-1600


Explorers  H - New Zealand maps not directly related to early explorers


Problem of  North Cape in maps // *Official general charts of NZ 1772-1885 // *Two sets of  Tasman longitudes in maps // Plan of Auckland c.-1850 // McDonnell-Wyld 1834 chart of NZ? // *Felton Mathew’s 1840 foundation plan of Auckland // *The French contribution to early printed charts of NZ // *An early Waitangi plan // *A preliminary list of survey charts by Thomas Wing // Early cartography in NZ - a  guide // *Origin of ‘Taranaki Bay’ in NZ maps // Clint’s map of Auckland, 1839* // Early Auckland transport plan rediscovered // Thomas Wing's northern  charts


 Section i - World maps and related subjects


*La carte du monde de W.J.Blaeu de 1604 // (English version:) W. J. Blaeu's world map of 1604  // *Hondius’ great world map of 1598 // Unravelling a 17th-century world wall-map conundrum


 Section J - Bibliographies, biographies and similar 


List of published papers and monographs by Brian Hooker  //  General bibliography relating to all my pages // A biographical note on Alex.  Dalrymple  // Dictionary of Map-Makers: see Section A above // Early Pacific personalities: see Section D above // Bibliography of the published works of Andrew Sharp // Charles Heaphy, a 19th-century NZ hero  


Section K  - Other pages not related to the above categories


NZ Chronology to 1840  // The earliest cartographic representation and name for New Zealand in a printed map //  The  De Surville plaque Northland  //  False claims in New Zealand history // An illustrated version of finding NZ  // The naming of NZ


Section L - First group of miscellaneous files


General acknowledgements // Computer tips including word tips // My most recent portrait  // My suggestion for a new projection in a world map // The mythical southern continent // False claims in NZ history // Details of early NZ maps that have recently come to light


Section  M - Second  group of miscellaneous files


Guide to mounting and framing maps // Letters published