Brian Hooker

New Zealand


My suggestion for a world map on a new projection



Brian Hooker


Copyright Brian Hooker 2006.


The map illustrated here is my suggestion for a new world map. Instead of basing the projection for the map on the line of the equator, which is a geographical fixed and natural line, as is usual with a Mercator map, I have based my map on a central line from a point in east Africa to a point in west Africa. This line, unrelated to any natural phenomenon has been selected to produce a result showing New Zealand prominent in size and position.


Like the Mercator projection, my "parallels" and "meridians" meet at right angles to each other. A map of the sphere projected on to a flat sheet of paper can be divided longitudinally at any "meridian". My map is divided at a "meridian" passing through the Tasman Sea which results in New Zealand and Australia being placed at opposite sides of the map - thus remote from each other! □